Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Review: Find Lost Pets Fast

Are you looking for a Whistle GPS Pet Tracker review? Losing your four-legged best friend is a dreadful and terrible situation for all pet owners. These fluffy friends become a part of our family and it is our job to take good care of them. This does not only include food and shelter but safety as well. Since dogs have the habit of exploring things; sometimes, they go far away exploring things that they are unable to return back to us. As a result, they often end up in animal shelters.

To overcome this problem, Whistle GPS pet tracker was created. It is a GPS device that is designed to help pet owners locate their lost pets. Its function is not only limited to tracking the location but preventing them from straying. This pet tracker is a great activity monitor that will keep you updated on the well-being of your pet. In this article, we have highlighted an easy way to find your missing pets quickly.

Here is the Whistle GPS pet tracker review.

How Does Whistle GPS Work?

Every time your pet leaves the house, you will be sent a notification thanks to the Whistle GPS tracker. This is a pet tracker that is attached to the collar of your pet. The device has a GPS technology that will give the accurate coordinates of your pet’s location. Whenever you will open the app, you will know the precise whereabouts of your pet.

With the help of an app, you can set a safe area. It can be any place like your house or office; when your pet will go beyond these areas, a text message will be sent to your number or you might receive an email from the app.

Moreover, it will help you keep a record of your pet’s health and their activities. It can help you manage notes and set reminders about the medications of your pet. You can even keep a check on their sleeping patterns.

Whistle GPS Features

In this Whistle GPS pet tracker review, we have listed the features that make this tracker the best choice.

Mobile Application

One of the best features of this tracker is that it comes with a mobile app. You can download the application that will provide the location of your pet. Along with this, you can monitor your pet’s activities without any difficulty. It allows you to share photos of your pets with other users.


It has been rated IP6, this makes the tracker sturdy and water-resistant. It makes it capable to work perfectly at the beach or in the rain. Furthermore, the tracker is shock resistant, making it safe for your pet.


The tracker is light in weight, so it will not cause any problems for your pet.

Quick Charging Capabilities

It features a rechargeable battery that is available with a base charger. The tracker will be charged in an hour. A great thing about this is tracker is that when your pet will be nearby the base unit, the tracker will switch to power mode. This will help in saving the battery, so it can last for a long time.

Whistle GPS and Whistle 3 Comparison

Are you thinking what is the difference between the new Whistle 3 and Whistle GPS Pet Tracker? Though both the devices are GPS tracker and activity monitor for pets, there are few distinguishing factors. In this Whistle GPS pet tracker review, we have compared both the devices


The Whistle 3 pet tracker is nearly 50%  smaller and lighter in weight in comparison to the Whistle GPS. In Whistle 3 there are no antennae flaps, this decreases its weight. This new tracker weighs about less than an ounce. It can be comfortably worn by pets, which weigh 8 pounds or more. While Whistle GPS is good for pets over 15 pounds.


The Whistle GPS features a metal body with a rubber antenna, whereas, Whistle 3 has a plastic body with no antennae. The similarity between both the trackers is that they are water-resistant and designed to go with your pet. The logo of the trackers is also the same.


The new Whistle 3 has Wi-Fi that will enable you to have a virtual home area. While, in Whistle GPS, a base unit was required for connectivity. Moreover, the Whistle 3 has Bluetooth Low Energy that lets the device talk to your phone.

Both the trackers have cellular technology that enables you to precisely provide the whereabouts of your pet.


The Whistle GPS boasts many features that are not present in Whistle 3. Some of the features that are not in Whistle 3 are:

  • Reminder function of medication and food
  • Tracking through text
  • Facebook login

The safe zone is upgraded in the Whistle 3 as you will be able to add multiple safe zones. The similar features of these trackers are monitoring activities and locating your pet easily.

Subscription plan

You can get the Whistle 3 with a 12-month commitment for pet owners willing to pay monthly. Along with this, 90-day money back option is also available. On the other hand, both the GPS trackers have subscription plans ranging from $6.95 per month to $9.95 per month. The subscription charges vary depending on the plan that you choose, monthly or annual.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker: Pros and Cons

We have tried the Whistle GPS and in this Whistle GPS pet tracker review, we have listed the pros and cons.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Water resilient
  • Shock-resistant
  • Interactive mobile application
  • Reasonable price
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Needs 3G coverage to work
  • Every pet requires their own tracker
  • Have to pay service fees

Therefore, activity tracking feature is a luxury that pet owners can avoid, but tracking location is a crucial feature that must not be ignored. This Whistle GPS Pet Tracker has the longest battery life and exceptional user interface. The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is the best option for keeping your pet safe.

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