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TrackR Pet Tag Review- Perfect Way To Keep Your Pet Safe

If you have lost a pet, you need to take a look at the TrackR Pet Tag review.

You know that losing your pet is a dreadful and gut-wrenching feeling. Pets are part of our family and just like our kids, we take good care of pets. One of the most popular pets is cats. Though they are not faithful, many people still have cats as a pet. This is because they are adorable and cute. They have a habit of finding small things and going into tight places. This is why cat owners take special measures to keep their cats safe.

It is obvious that no owner wants to lose their pet, but it happens. In a report, it was mentioned that 1 family loses their pet every 2 seconds in the US. Annually, this counts for more than 10 million pets. Most of the time, the pets are never found.

In today’s advanced world, avoiding such situations is not difficult. Thanks to the TrackR Pet Tag, you can ensure your pet is safe all the time. It is a quarter-sized and small tracking system that helps in finding people their pet. It is easily secured to the collar of your cat and utilizes the Crowd Tracking system for locating your pet.

This pet tag is not a standard tracker, it is developed using state-of-the-art technology. It works differently, instead of informing about the exact location, this tag provides cold and hot clues. Since it is small in size, it is perfect for small sized dogs and cats.

We tried the TrackR Pet Tag on our cat and in this article, we have highlighted everything you need to know about TrackR.

How Does TrackR Pet Tag Work?

TrackR is a new technology that features Crowd GPS. It is useful for improving the battery time of the tracker. What makes this tracker stand out from the rest is that if a TrackR user is walking by your lost cat, it will update you the exact location through the GPS. This tracker is useful for eliminating the need for an expensive subscription monthly.

You just have to attach to the collar of your cat and download the app on your smartphone. When you open the app, you can see the location of your cat on the map. If you lose your cat, you just have to click on the lost item icon. A sound will take you to your missing cat. The 2-way separation alert is also useful for keeping track of your cat. This will provide you the exact coordinates of the last known location of your pet.

TrackR Pet Tag Benefits

There are many benefits of using a pet tracker. This will provide you a peace of mind that your pet is safe and sound. Thanks to the GPS technology, it is easy to locate your cat. Here are some of the benefits.

cat trackerKeeps Your Cat Safe

One of the top benefits of using this tracker is that it will decrease the chances of your pet being killed unnecessarily. This TrackR will help your cat live longer as it will keep them safe.

Enjoys Various Activities

When you have TrackR linked to the collar of your cat, it enables them to enjoy all the outdoor activities. Whether you are walking or sitting in the park, your cat can have a fun time. You will have a peace of mind that you will not lose your cat while they have fun.

Prevents Straying

Another benefit of TrackR is that if your cat is active, you might not take her out very often. This is because you will have the fear of losing your pet. When you have a TrackR on your cat, you will not have to worry about your cat getting lost or running away.

How Much Is  A TrackR Pet Tag?

One of the reasons why people buy this coin-sized tracker is that it is inexpensive. You can get this tracker for as low as $25. With this amazing tracker, you can keep tabs on your cat without breaking your bank.

In comparison to other trackers, there is no monthly or annual subscription. This means you will just have to invest in this tracker once. After that, you will be able to get tracking benefits without any extra cost.

There are plenty of cat trackers, but most of them will cost you an arm and a leg. The trackers are expensive and you have to monthly or annually subscribe for their service. This will just cost you extra money. However, with TrackR, you don’t have to worry about the subscription. Investing in TrackR is a onetime invest that will help you keep track of things for a lifetime.

TrackR Pet Tag Review: Pros and Cons

stray catHave a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using TrackR on your cats. With the help of TrackR, many people found their missing items. It is a great device that will help find your cat quickly. The most attractive feature of this device is its price. Since there is no subscription, people cannot only save their pets but also their money. This is an easy to use tracker that will help you keep your most precious possessions safe.


  • It comes with a replaceable battery
  • The tracker is offered at a reasonable price
  • The performance of the tracker is exceptional and smooth
  • Makes it easy to keep a track of your things and pets
  • No monthly subscription
  • The tracker is light in weight and small


  • You will have to reconnect continuously
  • The location is unclear in the app

A Final Word

All in all, the TrackR is the device that will increase the odds of getting your pet back safe. This TrackR Pet Tag review tells you everything you need to know about the tracker. It is a good choice for people who have a fear of losing their cat. This tracker is simple to use and small enough not to cause trouble to your cat. Within minutes, you will be able to get your cat back safely. 

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