Top 5 Best Cat Collars with Tracking Device

Are you looking for the cat collars with tracking device? Cats are an adorable and gorgeous creature who loves to get into tight and small spaces and loves exploring. They prefer to roam around and cuddle up with their owner. One of the terrible feelings is to come home and find that your cat is missing. Your heart starts to pound a million beats a second. The panic rushes over you and you don’t understand what to do or where to look for your cat. This is where a cat tracking system comes in handy. A tracker will direct you right to your cat, so you can bring them back safely. It can let you know where you can easily find your cat. In this article, we have focused on the top cat collars with tracking device.

Read on to know everything about cat trackers.

Pet Cat Tracking Device Benefits

There are numerous advantages of tracking your cat. Here are few of the benefits:

  • The tracking device will help locate your cat if you have difficulty finding your cat.
  • Enables you to keep an eye on your cat by monitoring its activities and health.
  • You will know where your cat was and where it is going.
  • It will help keep your cat safe and sound.

What’s the Safest Weight of Cat Collars With Tracking Device?

It is crucial to make sure the collar of your cat is lightweight. If the tracking device is heavy or bulky for the cat, it will make your cat uncomfortable. The cat will try to remove the tracker that will cause damage to the tracker. This is why it is advised to have a tracker that is suitable for your cat. The weight of the tracker depends on the weight of your cat. The safest weight of cat collar is 1 ounce (28.3g).

Tips for Buying a Cat Tracking System?

One of the challenging tasks cat owners have to do is choosing the best cat tracker. With so many cat collars with tracking device, it is hard to know, which tracker is the best. To help you get the best cat tracker, we have listed few factors that you need to consider before buying.

  • Size
  • Type of the tracking device
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Style
  • Features

What are the Best Cat Collars with Tracking Device?

There are tons of cat collars available on the market; unfortunately, not all of them are reliable and durable. This is why to make it easy for you to get the best collar, we have created a list of 5 best cat collars with tracking device.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive GPS Pet TrackerOne of the best cat collars with tracking device is Tractive GPS tracker. This will inform you the whereabouts of your cat through the internet browser or an app. Just like many trackers, you can designate an area as a safe zone. So, whenever, your cat goes beyond this place, you will be notified on your smartphone. The device features a Live mode, it allows you to keep a track of places your cat has been and where it is going. A great thing about this tracker is the integrated light. It helps in locating your cat in the dark and increases the visibility of your cat on the road.


PawTrackAnother great tracker for your cat is PawTrack. This tracking system is great for not only finding your cat but for tracking all its activities. You can now know where your cat goes and where it is heading. The cat collars with tracking device use GPS and GLONASS for tracking pets. This device updates the location fix after every 10 minutes. These locations are stored in the tracker and sent automatically to your phone.

Moreover, the collar has Wi-Fi option that can recognize the internet connection of your home. Once your cat comes back, it updates the locations and turns off the GPS. The feature that makes it stand out from the rest of the trackers is that keeps a record of the sleeping pattern and activities of your cat.


KippyOne of the reasonable cat collars with tracking device is Kippy. This is a live GPS tracking device that is perfect for all kinds of pets. It is best suited for cats, this is because it is small in size and it can be easily attached to the collar. This enables you to check the movements of your cat from your mobile device or computer. This tracking system lets you create a virtual fence and will help look for your cat. It comes with an app that makes it easy to monitor your cat all the time.


TabcatA great tracking device for keeping checks on your cat is Tabcat. This is designed for locating your cat in a stress-free manner. It is a lightweight device that will be fixed on the collar without creating problems for your pet. The tracker is developed using quality materials making it durable and sturdy.

You can get the directions on the handset from your kitty’s tracker. The single red light indicates that you are in range and as you get closer, the light will turn green. This tracker has the capability to track your cat within 122 meters. This is a wonderful way to prevent your cat from straying.

Pawscout Smart Tag For Cats

Pawscout Smart Tag For CatsThe Pawscout Smart tag is an amazing cat tracker that can be fixed on any collar. It has the ability to locate your pet within the 200-foot perimeter. The tracker will enable you to eliminate the risk of losing your cat. You will get an alert if your cat strays.

What makes this tracker special is that you can invite your friends, neighbors, and other people to install the app. This will be useful for protecting your cat. In case, you lose your cat, you can send the flyer to people in your area and have everyone look for your cat. Investing in this device is a onetime investment that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

In the end, with the help of these tips, you can get the best tracking device for your cat. There are various cat collars with tracking device, but you should invest in the tracker that doesn’t cause any trouble for your cat.